COVID 19 Information @ BHMI (11/11/20)


Although restrictions have been substantially eased for Melburnians, we are not back to where we were operating in early 2020.


Throughout the ordeal we have constantly been checking updates regarding COVID-19. Much information has been available from the Chief Health Officer, the Premier, and Industry specific advise. During this time we have taken many steps to ensure the safety and health of our motel and restaurant guests, along with that of our staff, always taking advice and implementing such advice.


Cleaning is an area that has been impacted greatly, and our staff are constantly endeavoring to do their best to keep you, themselves, and us as safe as possible. All parts of our property receive attention constantly, particularly the sanitizing of “high touch” areas.


Sadly, we still are not able to offer our usual full services at this time, for which we apologize.



For the moment we are limited in what we are able to provide to our longer stayers. By minimizing contact between our staff and guests, we are ensuring the health of both. With each change in rules we will adapt to the industry recommendations.

Atthistime, we will not be offering daily roomservice, however, we will service rooms that are occupied for 3 or more nights..



For a number of reasons, we will be offering a limited Continental Breakfast only for the foreseeable future. Our apologies to those who would prefer our cooked breakfast. Should you prefer a cooked breakfast, we recommend one of our lovely local businesses. Help our locals and share the love.



Our swimming pool will re-open on November 24th for the 2020/2021 season. As with everything, we have Covid rules to follow in regard to the operation of our pool. For now we are limited to a maximum of 10 guests at any one time, within the pool area.


For Arriving Guests:

To ensure the health and safety of our guests and staff, arrival procedures are somewhat different.

* We trust that you have taken all necessary precautions before travelling and are practicing safe hygiene

* Where possible we will use contactless forms of check-in and check-out. Phone 5461 3833 to discuss this option.

*If your check-in does require face to face contact, we are limited to one person in Reception. At this time, MASKS are required in Reception, entering our restaurant, in the Carpark and Walkway areas. Be prepared to have your temperature checked.

*Please provide names and contact phone numbers of all guests for contact tracing.

*If you feel unwell or have had any exposure to Covid-19, we will understand if you need to cancel at the last minute. Normal late cancellation fees will be waived.

*Your health, our health and the health of our staff and community is of utmost concern.

The future of our local businesses, including ours, is possibly dependent on our visitors’ health.


Your understanding and co-operation during this unsettled time is greatly appreciated. We miss the personal interaction of our business and hope we can very soon return to proper hospitality service. Thank you for supporting us in these difficult times.